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Consultation fees for patient funding their own care:

New Consultation: £220

Follow up consultation £170

Please note that additional fees are charged for necessary diagnostic examinations and procedures performed in clinic. Common place procedures would include a detailed examination of the nose with a camera (nasoendoscope) £90, removal of ear wax or debris with microsuction £70. Treatments directly able to be carried out in the clinic: Epley manoeuvre £70, nasal cauterisation (often for nose bleeds) £70.


Separate fees may be charged by the hospital or clinic for your clinic attendance and for procedures.  These fees are set by the hospital and invoiced separately, and vary from location to location.  For example, when nasal endoscopic examination is performed, a separate charge of £95-£210 is payable to the clinic itself for use of equipment.


We aim to be completely transparent about the cost of care, and you will be informed in advance if any chargeable procedures are recommended.  If you have any questions about fees, please contact us and a full quote will be provided.


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